Black Point Market
The Best Little Beach Store in Connecticut

What we offer.......

  • Deli- where every sandwich is made to the customer's specifications.  Sliced cheeses and meats, deli salads and quiches are available at all times.
  • Baked Goods - freshly baked muffins, scones and other bakery goodies are available throughout the day (until they're gone that is !)
  • Coffee Bar - Boston's Best Coffee.....from regular to dark roast, flavored and decaf, you will find a coffee that gets your day going in the right direction.    A wide variety of Teas are available at our coffee bar as well.
  • Gifford's Ice Cream - we offer a rotation of eight  flavors - all rich and scrumptious!
  • Richie's Italian Ice  - cool and delicious, take your pick of nine  popular flavors.
  • Slushies - an ever popular icy and nostalgic treat in several tasty flavors.
  • Groceries - fresh milk, cream, eggs, butter and more in our dairy case.  Basics like bread, chips, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, relish, paper goods, and more are stocked in our coolers and on our grocery shelves.  
  • Souvenirs and Gifts - Black Point t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats are stocked in various sizes for both adults and children.  Greeting cards and a changing array of affordable giftware is also available.
  • Newspapers - for our customers' convenience, we sell several popular  papers....some daily...others on weekends only - The New London Day, The Hartford Courant, The New York Post and Daily News,  The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal.
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